NEC Feature Licenses

Resource License
Required for every Trunk Port, Station Port, Mobile Ectension, UM8000 Port, RGA Port, Meeting Center Port, and IVR App Port. Not required for Inmail Ports.
48 are included on the initial system purchase.

Netlink License
Integrate multiple systems into one virtual system.

Inmail - Voice Mail
Provides Auto Attendant and Station Messaging Service.

Inmail Email Client
Adds the Email Notification Feature.

Voice Responce System
Auto Attendant, General Messages, and ACD Messages

Fax License License
Provides Fax serfice t an existing system

Additional Language License
Supports upto 23 Languages.

AMIS Network License
Provides standard communications between phone system and third party voice mail systems.

Text to Speach License
provides the ability to speak the text of Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and more.

Hospitality Language License
Supports 22 languages.

Hospitality and PMS License
Provides Hospitality Features and allows interface with Property management Systems.

PMS Serial Adapter
Connects DB( interface to Property Management Systems.

Audio Input/Output License
Provides 2 Audio Ports for MOH, BGM, Recording Equiment, and External Paging Equipment. 2 Audio Port Licenses are included on CPU.

Hotel Motel License
features include: Do Not Desturb, DSS Console Monitorng, Flexable Numbering Plan, Message Waiting, Room Status, Room Status Print Outs, Room to Room Call Restrictions, Single Digit Dialing, Toll Restriction, Wake Up Call.

VRS 1 Port License
Suggested for use with  Wake Up Call Feature.

Remote Conference License
Provides the ability to call into a conference call.

Hardware Migration license
Required when moigrating a SV8100 or UX5000 to a SV9100.

Encription License
Provides encription for all NEC IP end points.

Video MCU License
Allows upto 4  party calls between 3rd part SIP endpoints.

Web Video Conference License
Provides 4 8-user video conferences with WebRTC.